Wrestlers with physiques so shredded and massive they could have been a bodybuilder in an alternate life.

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While pro wrestlers need to keep in shape – they don’t need to focus on their physique in the same a bodybuilder does. This is mostly because wrestlers are focusing more on functional strength. Also a good chunk of wrestling is scripted (though that doesn’t mean they don’t need to perform some amazing acrobatics or athletic moves). The closest connection you can make between bodybuilding and wrestling is that the athletes mostly work in bikinis and tiny trunks. That’s what makes the few wrestlers with actual shredded or massive physiques so impressive. It’s not necessary but they build up their body anyways.

That’s why this week we picked the top 5 best wrestling physiques, break them down, and then let YOU decide where they rank. Check out the full episode above and don’t forget to vote in the YouTube video comments!

Strength Wars Movie

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