Truth or fiction?

So the eternal battle between natural and non-natural bodybuilders wages on, both sides giving their reasoning for why their style of muscle building is superior. In reality, natural bodybuilding is certainly the safer route, the route that will lead to less issues and being more carefree about the program you’re on.

Despite that very true fact, individuals who use gear will experience some serious strength and muscle gains that can take them to heights they may have never reached as a natty bodybuilder. But despite that, wanting to keep foreign agents out of your body yet still build a powerful physique is an admirable endeavor that many should respect and appreciate. One example of a natty bodybuilder who has seen great results is Greg O’Gallagher.

Greg O’Gallagher is the author of the Kinobody and a natural lifter who believes in unlocking the body’s potential through hard work, dedication, and most of all being clean. While many people will no doubt laugh off some of the things he has to say, you can’t really argue with the results. As far as training programs and splits go, many involve having a lifter train five or sometimes six days out of the week. Greg O’Gallagher believes this is the wrong approach. What exactly would he suggest for a training split? Take a look at his Instagram post below and get an idea of how he trains his body.

Do you agree with Greg O’Gallagher?

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