Gregg Valentino doesn’t believe bodybuilding gurus are responsible for the health of athletes. The athletes should be smart enough to know what advice to accept.

Chad Nicholls has been under fire lately, especially by Shawn Ray, for allegedly putting his athletes health in danger with his recommendations on substances during contest prep. But how much are fitness gurus like Chad to blame? These are not people claiming to be doctors. Their advise is purely that, something that an athlete can choose adhere. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Gregg Valentino blames the bodybuilders for listening too easily to fitness gurus like Chad Nicholls.

Gregg Valentino starts off our conversation about Chad Nicholls bluntly. He has no feelings one way or another about Chad personally or as a guru. What he does have a problem with is how much gurus in general have risen in prevalence since the 1990s. According to Gregg, today bodybuilders are too obsessed with the idea of having a bodybuilding guru in their corner.

Gregg goes on to differentiate the difference between a tried and true trainer and a bodybuilding guru who doles out advise and provides drug protocols for athletes. A trainer theoretically should be a certified expert on all things training. Just as a nutritionist should be a tried and true expert on all things nutrition. But gurus these days don’t seem to fall into that category. Gregg believes them to simply be glorified drug pushers. People who know how to get substances and how to “best” prescribe a protocol for the athlete to follow.

And ultimately Gregg Valentino thinks that is fine – the real problem lies in how blindly the bodybuilding athletes follow their advice without doing research of their own first. “No one is putting a gun to their head” Gregg continues to explain. So why would we hold the gurus responsible? At the end of the day, it’s the bodybuilders who should be to blame.

Of course, if you know Gregg Valentino – he doesn’t keep it as concise as this summary. So make sure to check out his full response about Chad Nichols and other gurus in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!


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