Gregg Valentino loves bodybuilding & steroids, but he also believes that it’s the only sport that needs steroids to succeed.

Gregg Valentino has often publicly stated his love for steroids. He loves them so much that he has often claimed he likes to kiss them and bathe in them. So when he criticizes the current dangers of steroid use in bodybuilding, you know that it’s a big deal to him. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Gregg Valentino explains why bodybuilding is backwards from every other athletic sports in the world.

Despite Gregg Valentino’s love for bodybuilding, he’s also extremely candid about the reality behind the sport. He loves bodybuilding warts and all. But he understands why the bigger public would have a problem with it. When he’s being objective from his own personal opinion, he believes that drug use in bodybuilding is extreme and dangerous.

Watching our recent video segment might make you think Gregg Valentino is being a hypocrite. Gregg sees it as being open to the reality outside of his personal love for the sport. During our recent conversation, we talk about insulin and steroids quite a bit. While this isn’t a shocker for anyone who follows Gregg, we focus more specifically on the dangers that these drugs present athletes in the sport.

Gregg Valentino believes that these drugs are extremely dangerous. According to him, this is mostly because the culture behind the sport demands that athletes take far more than the recommended doses. This causes increased risk and long term health problems. It can even cause death.

Gregg Valentino takes a moment step away and take a wider look at bodybuilding in comparison to all other sports. He believes that bodybuilding is the only sport where it’s necessary to take steroids in order to succeed. While other sports certainly have steroid users in their ranks, it’s still possible to succeed without them.

But Gregg takes it even farther. He thinks that everything about bodybuilding is backwards compared to nearly every other athletic sport. Bodybuilding requires overeating; it focuses on mass rather than functional strength; and it rarely requires serious cardio. In Gregg’s mind, bodybuilders aren’t athletic at all.

So when Gregg Valentino is thinking about the bigger picture, he gets why so many people in the mainstream have a problem with bodybuilding. He can see for a non-fan how the sport is non-athletic and requires dangerous amounts of drug use to be successful.

Surely, some athletes in the sport would disagree. There are those who claim to be all natural and compete in the pro leagues with great success. There are also natural leagues that showcase the same level of focus and dedication – despite having smaller physiques. You can argue that the sport itself doesn’t demand this kind of drug use culture, instead it’s the culture that is now shaping the sport.

Regardless of what side of the aisle you personally fall on – it seems that Gregg Valentino objectively believes bodybuilding to be a backwards sport. Personally, on the other hand, Gregg loves it. He doesn’t care how unhealthy or dangerous it can be. That doesn’t matter to him. He also thinks that it doesn’t matter to many of the athlete who compete.

To Gregg, every bodybuilder who pursues going pro accepts a strong level of risk that the sport provides. That’s why there can only be so very few bodybuilders who step on the pro stage. They are willing to sacrifice in a way most people are not due to their love of the sport.

You can watch Gregg Valentino’s comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

Derek Dufour
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