Gregg Valentino doesn’t think it’s possible to remove drugs from bodybuilding – but he does have a plan.

A CONVERSATION WITH GREGG VALENTINO – is a six part sit down interview with Gregg Valentino – a former bodybuilder who is best known as the “man whose arms exploded.” Gregg is a man now known for his outspoken opinions and insane stories from his years in bodybuilding and drug dealing. Gregg discussed with director Vlad Yudin about every hot button issue you can imagine including transgender identity in bodybuilding, the Shawn Rhoden accusations, and drugs in bodybuilding. New episodes air every Thursday!

Earlier this year, Arnold Schwarzenegger publicly stated that believed that professional bodybuilding should test for steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. It was a comment made as part of his public distaste for the direction pro bodybuilding physiques were looking in 2019 – and out of concern for the health of athletes after tragic deaths such as Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana.

The comments fired up a lot of people on both sides of the aisle. Of course, this includes Gregg Valentino. A man outspoken and with nothing to hide no matter how controversial his opinions are. Gregg thinks it is hypocritical for Schwarzenegger to ask for drug testing in the sport and also thinks that it would be impossible without completely destroying the division. That being said, Gregg does believe that younger bodybuilders are abusing certain drugs such as insulin… and he has a plan on how to help improve drug abuse in the sport.

He also thinks the public has no idea what natural really looks like – as different exceptional genetics can often make an all natural bodybuilder look shockingly massive. So while he is skeptical about self claimed massive natty bodybuilders such as Mike O’Hearn, he ultimately gives them the benefit of the doubt. Who knows how talented these guys can be without drugs.

Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin and Gregg Valentino debate drug testing and natural bodybuilding in part 2 of A Conversation With Gregg Valentino. Check it out above!

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