Gregg Valentino and Vlad Yudin debate whether or not there is a real issue with drug abuse in bodybuilding.

A CONVERSATION WITH GREGG VALENTINO – is a six part sit down interview with Gregg Valentino – a former bodybuilder who is best known as the “man whose arms exploded.” Gregg is a man now known for his outspoken opinions and insane stories from his years in bodybuilding and drug dealing. Gregg discussed with director Vlad Yudin about every hot button issue you can imagine including transgender identity in bodybuilding, the Shawn Rhoden accusations, and drug abuse issues in bodybuilding. New episodes air every Thursday!

Earlier in our sit down interview with Gregg Valentino, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s call for drug testing in pro bodybuilding was discussed. While Gregg spoke mainly about whether or not drug testing can be done without ruining the sport – the actual issue of drug abuse in bodybuilding (and other sports) was only briefly touched upon. That’s why in part five of our six part interview Gregg dives deep into the recent advancements in drug technology and whether or not we have a real drug abuse problem in the bodybuilding sport and community.

The short answer – yes. Gregg believes we’ve hit the “danger zone” and are right on the edge of some truly dangerous results if young bodybuilders don’t stay educated on what they can and cannot do. Mix this in with non credited gurus on social media spitting out suggestions on how to use drugs to get even bigger without any real thought of the repercussions and you have a recipe for real problems.

In this week’s episode, Gregg and Vlad debate whether or not drug abuse is more or less of an issue today versus the past. They also touch upon Tony Huge (star of our documentary Enhanced), who has been a controversial figure in bodybuilding due to his uncertified experiments and advice when it comes to illegal drugs in bodybuilding. Is he a good figure to have in the sport by educating young bodybuilders on drugs that would otherwise be completely not spoken about? Or does he unintentionally encourage people to abuse drugs?

Watch part five of A Conversation With Gregg Valentino above and let us know what you think!


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