Gregg Valentino discusses why he thinks Phil Heath lost to Shawn Rhoden… and why Phil will most definitely win again if he competes.

It’s strange to think that the past two years of pro bodybuilding were not under the reign of Olympia champion Phil Heath. It wasn’t that long ago when Phil Heath winning the Mr. Olympia title seemed like a given. Many believed he would easily earn 10 victories in a row setting a new record. That didn’t happen – and instead Shawn Rhoden defeated Phil in 2018. Phil then took a break and has not competed since. In our latest GI Exclusive interview clip, Gregg Valentino discusses the real reason he thinks Phil Heath lost to Shawn Rhoden – and why he thinks Phil will be Olympia champion again.

The main story given as to why Phil lost to Shawn was due to hernia that eventually required surgery. But that’s not the real reason Gregg Valentino thinks Phil lost. He believes that the trolls online got in Phil’s head. That the constant criticism of his reign and his gut made him start overthinking his own training – thus threw off his contest prep.

Gregg goes on to state he thinks that Phil Heath is the most disrespected Mr. Olympia in the entire history of the sport. He believes that disrespect is unfair and more of a consequence of social media.

When asked if Phil Heath should come back to try and regain his Mr. Olympia title – Gregg had no hesitation. He believes that Phil would win again if he competed in 2020. You can check out the full GI Exclusive interview clip above.


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