WATCH: TikTok Video Shows ‘Gym Creep’ Assisting Woman Without Consent

A recent video has cause a stir after a man is seen following a woman around the gym.

A recent video posted to TikTok has caused quite a stir after a man is seen assisting a woman with a lift without her permission. In the video, the man approaches the barbell and grabs one side of it, which causes trouble with balance. What was not seen in the video was the man following the TikToker around the gym.

The video was shared by “Smalls” (@dezsquats). She claims that the man was following her as she was doing her workouts prior to him approaching her on the bench. Not only is this a strange and invasive procedure by the man, it was dangerous. He grabs one side of the bar, not the middle like usually done when spotting, and this could have caused the lifter to lose control and drop the weight.

““I thought I lost this video. This man had been following me around the gym trying to “help” me my entire lift. ???? reasons I need a fucking home gym.” The TikToker shared.

This video currently has over 2.6 million viewed and 385,000 likes. Despite the fact that the man stepped over the line, there are commenters that have tried to come to his rescue and provide a defense. Some have brought up her form when bench pressing and the fact that she racks one side at a time. The TikToker made a follow-up video claiming that she has to re-rack like this because she is smaller, not because she is struggling.


This is not the only follow-up that she had made. “Smalls” explained how there was not any interaction with the man following the strange encounter and that she no longer goes to that gym.

“There’s no story. He was following me around the gym, and I just went off and told him not to touch my fucking bar.”

“He never tried to defend himself or anything. He kind of just got scared and went back to doing whatever workout he was doing.”

Not only could this have cause injury, it continues to show why some women do not feel comfortable in a gym setting. This is an instant where action should have been taken against the man — and one commenter agreed.

“As a gym attendant, if you showed me this video he would have his membership revoked that day and you would be escorted out at the end of your sesh,” one TikTok commenter said.

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Greg Patuto
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