Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be in the gym training with a real Mr. Olympia?

Well, now you can know – or you can watch, at least. Check out this exclusive video from Iron Addicts Gym’s Big Neechi as he heads into the gym to train with three legends of the sport: Kali Muscle, NDO Champ, and 2x Classic Physique Mr. Olympia Breon Ansley.

It’s a great inside look into those who truly know how to push beyond their limits when working out. A lot of famous athletes and fitness influencers will parcel out workouts and health tips, but rarely do you get to see them raw and unfiltered in the gym like this. And it’s amazing to see — the pros are really on a whole different level from the amateurs with the way they push themselves in the gym and remain committed to their goals.

It also doubles as an amazing motivation video if you’ve been pushing yourself to workout today but haven’t quite worked up the effort. It can be especially hard to stay motivated in quarantine when all of the gyms are closed, but don’t let that discourage you. There are plenty of resources available to you at home and, hey, at least you’re saving money and a trip! Everyday household objects can be incorporated into workouts and you can still stay in shape, even without access to the higher end equipment a gym would have.


The video also shows us the lighter side of hanging out with some of bodybuilding’s toughest personalities. Many of the guys get together outside the gym to go for a jog and hang out before heading back into the gym for round 2.

That’s an important takeaway as well — overexertion is bad for any bodybuilder and, while pushing yourself hard is ideal, pushing yourself too hard will only cause problems. You will burn out and could potentially injure yourself if you run into the gym and start doing intense workouts from day one for hours on end. Learn from the example these guys set and go to the gym with your friends, spot each other, motivate each other, and generally make the experience something you can look forward to. That motivation will help you stay committed to going to the gym.

Even if you’re tired and sore, if you genuinely enjoy the experience, you’re to be able to make yourself get up and go. The reason guys like Kali Muscle and Breon Ansley can go so hard in the gym is because they know how to relax and have fun in their personal lives, so when the time comes to get the work done, they’re well-rested and ready to do it.

*All images and media courtesy of YouTube.

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