Hadi Choopan Has Arrived In America To Compete In 2021 Olympia

Hadi Choopan will be back on stage for the year’s biggest competition.

Hadi Choopan has struggled with getting into the United States over the years to compete at the biggest competitions. That will not be an issue this year as Choopan has arrived with about six weeks left to prepare for the 2021 Olympia.

This was an issue last year. The Iranian bodybuilder arrived at the last minute to compete in the Olympia and placed fourth. There were worries that he would not make it at all but he arrived just in time. This year, Choopan will have plenty of time to do any necessary preparation and training leading up to the event.

Hany Rambod, a bodybuilding coach who has worked with some of the biggest names in the sport, announced Choopan’s arrival on his Instagram page.

“@hadi_choopan has Landed in the USA 🇺🇸 to prepare for the 2021 @mrolympiallc !!!
Thank you to our amazing team @hadiparsafar @parsafar_mahdi and @ad_supplements in the UAE without them this wouldn’t be possible! I couldn’t have asked for a better team! 🙏🏼👊🏼
Now let the MF games begin!!!! 🔥😤🔥”


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Rodman has trained many top athletes and has been quite successful. He is a 19-time Olympia winning coach — including seven with legendary bodybuilder Phil Heath. Rodman will look to get another with Hadi Choopan, who has fared well in the competition in recent years.


Choopan has not been able to compete on stage since last year’s Olympia. He qualified this year by placing fourth in last year’s event. Despite being offstage for long, Choopan seems to be in incredible shape. This is no surprise as Choopan has placed well in recent years. This includes a third-place finish during the 2019 Olympia.

Hadi Choopan also took to Instagram to announce that he is here and will be ready to compete with the time comes.

“I would like to thank US authority in immigration and citizenship and specially thanks to us consulate @usainuae in dubai which facilitated and grante me a us entry permission in a proper time.

Thanks to my dearest brother and coach @hanyrambod and his family plus my sponsor @evogennutritionthat, like alwayes helped me to obtain my visa and get to USA and in addition, they will care about me in all aspects in this historical journey

Thanks to my brother Mr Saif for their hospitality and support in UAE @ad_supplements
Alwayes appriciated

We are here to make a new history let see…”

It will be interesting to See how Hadi Choopan performs with time to prepare for the event. If social media is any indication, he seems to be excited and ready to compete in Orlando.

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