Breaking down the upcoming Arnold Classic 2018 lineup & how the travel ban can affect Hadi Choopan and other promising bodybuilders.

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Believe it or not but we are not very far away from the Arnold Classic 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. One of the biggest bodybuilding events of the year, 2018 looks to be perhaps the best lineup in quite some time. You can feel the excitement in the air – and it’s definitely sparking between our hosts on The Breakdown. With special guest Stanimal De Longeaux, Shawn Ray and Tifanny Urrea break down the Arnold Classic 2018 line up and what we can expect from the big competition.

One big talking point regarding the Arnold Classic is also Hadi Choopan – an Iranian bodybuilder who almost beat Flex Lewis (and many people believe DID beat Flex Lewis). Choopan has a major uphill battle due to President Donald Trump’s continuing efforts with the travel ban. With immigration and visas becoming harder to get (especially for those in Iran), Hadi Choopan has found himself unable to compete in some truly big competitions. And if Hadi can’t compete against the best of the best… how will he ever prove himself? Could this travel ban actually tank Hadi Choopan’s career and future prospects in the IFBB?

The gang also talks about the recent LA Fit Expo, the issue of women prize money vs men prize money, and Phil Heath’s recent comments about Classic Physique bodybuilding. Watch the full episode above!

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