Hafthor Bjornsson Shows Physique Transformation Ahead Of Boxing Match

Hafthor Bjornsson posted a physique update ahead of his boxing match with Devon Larratt.

Hafthor Bjornsson is known as a powerlifter who holds the world record for the heaviest raw deadlift. In May 2020, Bjornsson set a new mark at 501kg (1,105lb), beating the previous mark held by Eddie Hall by a single kilogram. Now, Bjornsson has gone through the ultimate transformation as he begins to work his way into the boxing world.

In a recent Instagram post, Bjornsson looks extremely shredded at 340 pounds. He has gone down from 450 pounds during his days of powerlifting.


Hafthor Bjornsson is set to take on arm wrestler Devon Larratt on Sept. 18. Larratt recently replaced Hall, who was forced to back out due to an injury, in this match. Hall has already began training following a torn bicep. There is a chance that Bjornsson and Hall get in the ring at some point moving forward when they are both healthy.

The battle between Bjornsson and Hall was going to settle some issues that the two have had in recent years. They have been connected in both deadlifting and World’s Strongest Man competitions. In 2017, Hall won the WSM title with Bjornsson finishing as the runner-up. The very next year, Bjornsson was able to rise to the top and win his first WSM championship.

It is clear that Bjornsson has a serious passion for boxing. The recent transformation for Bjornsson has him looking shredded and slim. This shows that the increased cardio training associated with boxing has been paying off in a big way.

This is a chance for Bjornsson to continue his goal of bursting onto the scene in the boxing world. He has a couple exhibition fights under his belt against Steven Ward and Simon Vallily. Recently, it has become clear that Bjornsson has been training in the necessary ways to look like a fighter.

Bjornsson’s battle with Larratt is less than a month away. As we creep closer to the big night, the former powerlifter continues to get in fighting shape and make the ultimate body transformation.

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