Hafthor Bjornsson Shares Cheat Day Meal That Includes Pizza, Burritos, and Ice Cream

Hafthor Bjornsson goes all out during his cheat days.

Hafthor Bjornsson is a strongman turned boxer who knows a thing or two about weight lifting and training. While a potential bout with Eddie Hall is still in the works, Bjornsson took a day off from his intense training and decided to share what a cheat day looks like.

Bjornsson posted a full video on his YouTube page going through a day where he is able to eat the foods of his choices. This increases his leptin levels and boosts his mindset to continue to work hard.

Hafthor Bjornsson recently accepted the offer sent over by Hall stating that the loser of the fight will donate $200,000 to the charity of the winner’s choice. Once he heard the news, Hall continued to up the wager. Hall has now said that the loser should pay $1 million to charity. Bjornsson has not responded to this offer just yet but he is still focused on preparing for the fight.

An exact date has not been confirmed just yet but it could take place in March of 2022. Hall was forced to withdraw from their originally scheduled fight due to an injury. This bout was set for September and Devon Larratt stepped in as a substitution. Now, there is even more hype around this potential meeting.

Bjornsson has clearly been dedicated to his diet since he has lost over 100 pounds since moving to boxing from strongman. It began with a massive breakfast at Grai Kotturinn, which is a restaurant close to Bjornsson’s gym. He ordered eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast, potatoes, and orange juice. This was the first of three meals for Bjornsson that day.

After a nap, the strongman turned boxer decided to go for a burrito and loaded it with all of the fixings. This includes double chicken, rice, beans, vegetables, and a flour tortilla. On the side, Bjornsson adds some chips and salsa.


The final meal is a big sandwich with beef, bacon, ham, cheese and fried onions. This was his final meal of the day but Bjornsson did indulge in a meat lovers pizza at the end of the day.

“Can’t do a cheat day without pizza.”

“You have to balance your life. You can’t just be a f***ing maniac every single day.”

Once he was ready to end his day, Bjornsson took down a pint of ice cream. This was the perfect way to finish a cheat day.

Throughout the video, Bjornsson was answering questions being offered by fans. He admitted that eating the same meals each day could get boring. This is imperative for Bjornsson while training. He figured out his diet and it has worked as he has made the transition into boxing.

It will be interesting to see what the final wager is for the bout between Bjornsson and Hall. There will have to be a date nailed down for the much-anticipated fight but it is likely to happen some time next year.

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