How To Watch Hafthor Bjornsson vs. Eddie Hall Boxing Match On Saturday Night

Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall are set to step in the ring. Here is how to tune in!

Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall are finally prepared to step in the ring for a fight that is about two years in the making. The much-anticipated bout between the two former strongmen will take place on Saturday night at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium in the United Arab Emirates. Here is how you can tune into the “Heaviest Boxing Match in History.”

How to Watch

The fight will be streaming on Segi TV. A subscription is not needed to tune in. Viewers will not be required to have an account or register. Bjornsson and Hall are scheduled to step in the ring at 4:30 PM ET. This will also be the site of a six-episode documentary of events and preparation leading up to the fight.

The boxing match is scheduled for six three-minute rounds. The fighters will wear 12-ounce gloves with one referee in the ring.


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Hafthor Bjornsson vs. Eddie Hall History

This is a fight that has turned personal. Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall almost came to blows during their first face-off. Bjornsson claims that he was unaware of the meeting and that it was a setup by Hall. During the face-off, both men proceeded to spit on each other before having to be restrained. There were also some personal jabs made during the press conference. This is just adding even more fuel to the fire.

Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall are both former winners of the World’s Strongest Man competition. Hall became the first man to deadlift 500kg before Bjornsson was able to beat his record by a single kilogram. Once they made the transition to boxing, it was clear that this would be an intense meeting. Hall was forced to pull out of their scheduled bout in September due to a torn tricep.

Once hall returned to training and a new date was set, he wanted to take it up a notch. There was an original offer of $100,000 to the charity of the winner’s choice. This has been bumped up to $200,000. Hall wanted to step it up even further but Bjornsson had something different in mind. The loser will now have to get a tattoo of the winner’s name somewhere on their body.

The time has finally come for the two men to get a chance at each other. Fans will be able to tune in for free and watch as Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall duke it out in the ring.

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