Hampton Morris Sets Youth World Record With 155-Kg Clean & Jerk

Hampton Morris impresses with a new youth world record in the Clean & Jerk.

Hampton Morris competed in the Junior Pan-American Weightlifting Championships in Manizales, Colombia looking to make some noise. That is exactly what he did in a big way. On Saturday, July 10, Morris set a youth world record with a 155-kg (341.7lb) clean & jerk. 

The 17-year-old weightlifter competing in the 61-kg weight class stepped up and made it look easy. His father and coach, Tripp Morris, captured the record-setting lift and proudly shared it via Instagram.


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There is something special about a young competitor. It could be the raw talent and strength at such a young age or it could be the maturity and patience that is present. Hampton Morris displayed both early in his life. He began entered his first competition back in July of 2016 and has been setting records ever since. Morris credits his father for getting him involved in the sport.

Hampton Morris began his day on Saturday with a failed snatch attempt of 112 kg (246.9lb). He was successful on his second attempt to lock in the weight. Morris was successful on all three attempts of his clean & jerk. Prior to setting the record, Morris hit a 145-kg (319.7lb) and 151-kg (332.9lb) lift. He finished with a total of 267 kg (588.6lb) total when the two lifts when added together.


After completing this lift, Morris now holds 15 American records. He is one of four people who have set a Youth record at an international meet, joining Harrison Maurus, Clarence Cummings Jr., and Cheryl Haworth.

Morris beat out his Senior American record of a 154-kg clean & jerk that he set during the 2021 USAW National Championship in Detroit. Prior to that, Morris came out on top during the Rouge Fitness “Bella Complex” challenge. Morris competed in the Male Light division and scored 145.2 kg (320lb).

The current Senior world record in the clean & jerk is 174 kg held by Indonesia’s Eko Yuli. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will take place from July 23-August 8, where this record has a chance to be bested. Maurus and Cummings Jr. will be representing Team USA at the event.

With competitors like Hampton Morris leading the way, the United States has a chance to make a serious impact in the net Olympic cycles. Morris is already a force and that will only continue as he continues to mature and get even stronger.

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