Johnnie O. Jackson shares his analysis of the top five placing pro bodybuilders at the 2022 Indy Pro.

This past weekend held the 2022 Indy Pro – one of the bigger and more exciting IFBB Pro competitions in the spring. For fans of Blessing Awodibu, stakes were high. Would he improve after some lackluster showings and reclaim the hype as threat to the Mr. Olympia? Johnnie O. Jackson watched the entire show and has put together his official review of Blessing and the other top five athletes from this weekend. In our latest episode of Hardcore Truth, Johnnie O. Jackson gives a complete analysis and recap of the 2022 Indy Pro.

The 2022 Indy Pro was a powerhouse of a show featuring some much hyped pro bodybuilders facing off on stage. Ultimately, the top five placings in the Men’s Open division came down to – Brent Swansen, Justin Rodriguez, Maxx Charles, Charles Griffen, and Blessing Awodibu. In our latest Straight Facts episode, Johnnie O. Jackson breaks down the physiques of these five competitors and recaps the event. Let’s jump into it.

5. Brent Swansen

Johnnie O. Jackson admits that he has heard and seen very little of Brent Swansen. So he was extremely surprised and impressed by the package he brought to the stage. Jackson wouldn’t be surprised if Swansen starts becoming more of a household name as he continues to compete and improve.

Jackson agreed with the five place victory for Brent Swansen. He believed that his conditioning and aesthetic is on point – but he needs to work more on bringing up his overall size and maintaining that level of conditioning while heavier.

4. Justin Rodriguez

Justin Rodriguez is an extremely promising bodybuilder with an incredible physique and incredible genetics. However, Johnnie O. Jackson was a bit disappointed in his physique and showing at the Indy Pro. After seeing what he can accomplish during his last competition at the Arnold Classic – his physique on the stage this weekend looked like a step back.

Johnnie O. Jackson isn’t sure what might have caused this backtracking. Perhaps he did not have enough time between the Arnold Classic and the Indy Pro to best be on point. Different pros have different rev up windows – and maybe this was just slightly too close for Rodriguez.

3. Maxx Charles

Johnnie O. Jackson looks at Maxx Charles’ physique at the Indy Pro as part of a comeback for him. Jackson has previously competed with Charles and knows just how much effort he can put into his contest prep and physique come showtime. After some rocky years – Jackson is seeing real improvement in Charles’ physique and the Indy Pro furthered that improvement.

If he remains consistent, Jackson believes that Maxx Charles can place even higher in future shows and become even more competitive with athletes such as Blessing and Charles Griffen. But that being said…

2. Charles Griffen

Charles Griffen and Blessing Awodibu were incredibly close in competition at the 2022 Indy Pro. Johnnie O. Jackson honestly saw very little difference between these two competitors. But he does understand how Awodibu got the edge with some small details.

In either case, Griffen showcased an incredible physique and is excited to see what he brings at his next show. To nitpick, Jackson thinks that Griffen could have increased his upper body size to match his massive legs for a more fully even aesthetic.

1. Blessing Awodibu

Blessing Awodibu, to Johnnie O. Jackson, had the slightly prettier physique that ultimately gave him the edge – particular his muscle bellies. On top of this, Awodibu made quite the improvement since his last competition – which is always a plus in how the judges evaluate your performance.

Jackson was particularly and personally shocked and impressed with just how much Blessing Awodibu improved over the past year. If he can keep that kind of focus – he will be a true threat for the remainder of this season and beyond.

Wrap Up

Johnie O. Jackson goes into great detail on all five of these stellar bodybuilders. You can watch his full recap and analysis of the 2022 Indy Pro by watching our latest episode of Hardcore Truth above. Make sure to stick around each Thursday for new episodes every week!

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