Hidetada Yamagishi Looks Shredded Heading Into The Arnold Classic Australia

Hidetada Yamagishi looks ready to impress.

The Arnold Sports Festival Australia is just a few days out and features some of the best in brightest across a host of different athletic endeavors. While sports like boxing, MMA, karate, and Strongman have their chance to shine at the event, the Arnold Classic has always been the main event, showcasing the best bodybuilders on the planet. One of the competitors that is looking to make a big impression on the judges and fans is none other than former Arnold Classic 212 champion Hidetada Yamagishi.

Though in recent years he’s been known for his stint in the 212 division, Hidetada Yamagishi has made the decision to make a return to the Open Weight division. In search of making a big splash in his return to the division, Hidetada has been training hard, putting on more size without the worry of a massive weight cut ahead of him.

While cutting weight means you’ll be able to show off a tremendous amount of muscle, it also means taxing your body, in particular your kidneys, in a way that can have some pretty damaging repercussions. While Hidetada may very well return to the 212 division, for now all of his focus is on the Open Weight division and turning heads at the Arnold Classic Australia. His dedication has been put on full display as his recent social media pics indicate he’s been hard at work perfecting his physique.

How do you think Hidetada Yamagishi will do at the Arnold Classic Australia?

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