Generation Iron Hidetada Interview BodybuilingHidetada talks to Flex Online on the eve of the Tampa Pro.

Dennis James had a chance to briefly interview one of our Generation Iron alums, Hidetada Yamagishi, right before the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Championships this weekend.

We’re always pumped to see one of our guys kicking ass in competitions. We’re especially excited as they move towards the Mr. Olympia at this time of year.

Hidetada has already qualified for the Mr. Olympia but he explains why he decided to compete at the Tampa Pro. He mentioned his missed opportunity at first place in the Chicago Pro, where he was surprised to only place 2nd. In his opinion Chicago Pro was supposed to be a #1 victory for him. So he’s back in competition at Tampa to get some justice.

He’s confident this time. At the Chicago Pro he weighed in at 206 pounds. But at the weigh in for Tampa Pro he came in at 211 – just making it into his division. He’s carrying on more size because of a change in trainers and a new nutritionist. This is a complete turn around allowing him to gain more size, maximize muscle, and continue to improve and raise the bar with every competition.

Hidetada appears confident, poised, and ready to take on the Tampa Pro and Mr. Olympia in the next month. We’re excited to see him compete in both competitions and look forward to seeing the results from the Tampa Pro this weekend.


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