These Are Some Of The Surprising Negative Effects Of A High Protein Diet

Do you really need all that protein?

For many bodybuilders first getting into the endeavor it seems all that can be talked about and focused on is protein consumption. It’s no secret that a high protein diet is ideal for optimal muscle gains. Obviously fats and carbohydrates also play a major role in bringing about a well built physique, yet everyone seems entirely focused on avoiding catabolism and holding onto their gains. Eating a lot of protein can be harmless for most people, but there are certainly some drawbacks to having a high protein diet if you’re doing things the wrong way.

Depending on what kind of diet you’re on, a high protein diet can be extremely beneficial to muscle growth and fat loss. But where some people get things wrong is by going on a high protein diet while completely avoiding carbohydrates. Such a practice isn’t so bad if it’s done for a shorter period of time. But restricting carbs too much can lead to nutritional deficiencies and lack of fiber. Fiber is essential to flush out waste from the body and the lack of carbs can lead to bad breath, headaches, and constipation.

Another drawback of a high protein diet is that loading your plate with red meat and consuming full-fat dairy products can eventually lead to issues with the heart. The increase of heart disease risk is very possible if you’re following a program with such high cholesterol options. It can also effect individuals with kidney problems. These individuals will have a harder time eliminating all the waste products of protein metabolism.

Though protein is certainly necessary in order to build a strong and powerful physique, understanding that an over abundance can be harmful to the body is essential in order to avoid unnecessary complications. But if you still want to learn more about the effects of a high protein diet on the body then be sure to head over to Jerry Brainum’s website Applied Metabolics where the fitness expert offers in depth analysis of this and more issues related to bodybuilding. A subscription to the newsletter will keep you up to date with a ton of bodybuilding information. Also, be sure to catch Straight Facts With Jerry Brainum for a ton of helpful bodybuilding knowledge.

How much protein do you consume?

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