Exhausted With Home Workouts? Try These Alternatives

With the second wave bearing down on cities across America, many of us are exploring our options as we struggle with how to keep up our fitness even though it might still be too early to go to the gym.

What did your home workouts look like at the beginning of quarantine? As we enter the second wave and the possibility that you might be working out at home awhile longer, here are some tips to help you shake things up and keep you motivated to work out without going to the gym. Just remember: fitness is a commitment that knows no territory! Maybe you’re still working out from home or you’ve found another socially distanced way to do it. Your fitness is totally up to you, so don’t get discouraged.

Cardio is your friend.

One of the amazing benefits of not being able to work out at a gym is that you can explore cardio in a whole new way. Try visiting a new park or neighborhood to go for a jog. One thing that can wear us down and cause us to get bored of our workouts is feeling like the routine is no longer exciting. Pushing yourself to jog in neighborhoods you wouldn’t otherwise visit is a great way to explore the city where you live while also maintaining your commitment to fitness. Or, if you like your current routine but feel like it’s no longer challenging, try jogging for an extra mile every time you go for a run. You might be surprised by how different it feels!

Share your commitments with a friend and use that to motivate you.

It’s well documented that having someone to hold you accountable makes you a more responsible person. Just ask anyone in AA who’s ever had a sponsor! If you’re struggling with your fitness goals during quarantine, try sharing them with a friend and working together to meet them. People around you are probably feeling a similar sense of burnout. Talk to friends about their fitness goals and how you might both work harder to meet them. A little bit of encouragement from one another can go a long way. Making yourself accountable to someone is a great way to ensure you meet your goals.

Understand that feeling exhausted or unmotivated at this point is probably par for the course.

It’s useless to beat yourself up over things you can’t change. It’s been a long time since many of us have been able to be in the gym and it’s completely understandable to be feeling unmotivated. If you beat yourself up over not meeting certain goals you are only making the journey harder on yourself in the long run. Recognize that there are many factors at play here — exhaustion, fatigue, being separated from coworkers, friends, and family — that are all affecting your mental health and ability to work out. Try to be mindful of the current circumstances. When you mess up, don’t get angry at yourself. Accept that what happened, happened, and move on as best you can.

Digital resources are your friend.

Finally, you are not struggling alone through this situation. YouTube and other forms of social media offer many free options to try new types of workouts. Trying something new is a great way to re-affirm your commitment to working out. Check out a free yoga class or HIIT course over YouTube or Twitter; you might be surprised by what a difference it makes. Never forget that lots of resources are available to you if you’re willing to make the effort to use them!

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