Horizon Go Series T303 Treadmill Review: The Cardio Machine for the Best Fat Loss?

The only high intensity track you will ever need

Horizon’s Go Series treadmills are the latest offerings of this prestigious line of stylish, sturdy, and multi-functional sports equipment. The Go Series has three models (T101, T202, and T303) that are tailor-fit to your requirements and will allow you to maximize your treadmill time while enjoying your audio-visual gadgets. The three models have slightly different features that are appropriate with their functions and prices, but they are all reliable and fun to use.

Moreover, these models will supplement your interval training or HIIT. Interval running entails running swifter than your typical aerobic speed. In the latter pace, you can still talk in full sentences as you run. It also includes running on an incline to develop leg muscles. The higher the slope, the stronger the muscles. Most advanced runners appreciate incline interval running and spend about fifteen to twenty minutes per interval run.

In this review, we will be looking at features that make this technical marvel stand out among the rest. Let’s begin with the pros and cons.


  • Convenient, easy to store, and assemble. You can construct it by yourself if you have previous experience on treadmills.
  • It comes with several amenities to provide entertainment during training sessions. It even has two cup holders for water or energy drinks.
  • Easy to operate control console.
  • It is comparatively affordable due to its simple and functional design, a product with exceptional value for money.
  • The models come with very decent warranty coverage for chassis, motor, and parts.


  • While some users claim ease of assembly, others find it challenging and need extra hands to put together.
  • You cannot dismantle the unit entirely and store the individual parts with ease. Most are connected to the main chassis and cannot be taken off without serious work or damage done on the unit.
  • There have been a few reports of cracks and indentations on the frame, which are probably transport-related. However, the slight damages did not cause any severe effect on overall performance and are merely issues on aesthetics.


Set programs

The Go Series treadmills have pre-set programs available like Calorie, Weight Loss, Distance, etc. to give you the desired outcomes of specific settings. The T303 has more programs like the Hill Climb and Heart Rate again due to the interval options.

Powerful Motor

The Horizon Go Series T303 treadmill utilizes an impressive 3 CHP (Continuous-Duty Horsepower) quiet motor incorporating a robust Johnson drive system that automatically recalibrates with each footfall to keep you in perfect rhythm throughout your training run. That means the unit will never lag or surge and give you a natural, consistent, and smooth run. Also, because of its whisper mode, you would forget that the product even runs on a motor. It is so quiet you’d barely notice it running because it runs on a lower RPM, and that keeps the motor cooler and extends its life. All these features redefine the ideal treadmill experience.

Motor specifications

The drive motor has a maximum rating of 16 Amperes at 90Volts Direct Current. That’s equal to approximately 12 amperes at 120 Volts Alternating Current at the highest loading. This capacity means that the product will not cause you to go bankrupt just to run and may even be less costly to operate than other similar products.

Sturdy Extended Deck

The Horizon Go Series treadmills have a spacious 20”x60” (for T202 and T303, 20”x55” for T101) running/jogging deck that keeps you comfortably going at a personal pace. They come with a “Variable Response Cushioning” system with three zones of robust shock absorbers that give you the ideal degree of support and flex all through the various stages of your training. 

Entertainment Amenities


The latest multi-device version allows you to connect your devices to the units’ high-fidelity speakers for vibrant and rich stereo sound while streaming media. Now you can enjoy your favorite music, watch that movie you’ve always wanted to see but had no time for, and follow your coach’s instructions.

Convenient device receptacle

The strategically placed device receptacle allows you to view your mobile phone or tablet with convenience. That way, you can easily see your instructor or enjoy some entertainment while training.

USB port

Recharge your device with the expedient USB rapid charger to ensure continuous functionality and media enjoyment.

Easy storage

The Horizon Go Series T303 treadmill is foldable and can be stored conveniently. The unit’s dimensions are 75 x 34 x 58 inches (T202 and T303), 70 x 34 x 55 inches for the T101. The units weigh in at 165 pounds (T101), 187 pounds (T202), and 194 pounds (T303). Should you need to move or transport the product, it is recommended to have a friend to help you move it.


All three Go Series models incorporate an adjustable speed range that is excellent for beginners (T101- 0.5 to 10 mph) or the advanced runners (T202/T303 – 0.5 to 12 mph).


The model T101 comes with a maximum 10% incline, whereas the T202 and T303 have a 12% incline.

Benefits and Effectiveness

Interval Training Supplement

The Horizon Go Series Models were created to complement your interval training. This intensive exercise program stimulates weight loss and when properly executed, running intervals can burn about three times more calories than a comfortable distance run, despite having the same total time. During these fast segments, the body expends more energy, because it has to move the same weight at a higher velocity.

How is the Horizon Go Series treadmill applicable to HIIT? The trick to excellent interval training is the ability to consistently and quickly switch to different sets of parameters (speed and incline).

The Horizon Go Series T303, the only model equipped with the interval settings, is perfect for this set up as it can store two automatic interval settings at your fingertips. Pressing either “interval 1” or “interval 2” buttons will automatically adjust the treadmill’s settings and reset the timer to zero to enable more accurate monitoring of run times/rates.

This feature allows you to switch from one interval setting to another seamlessly and with consistent repeatability every time. The Go Series treadmill, combined with a responsive drive system, gives you a reactive and unparalleled running or jogging experience.

Affordable Home Gym

These treadmills are an affordable alternative to a gym membership or other more pricey gym equipment to be used at home, such as those in the premium category like Vision Fitness and Matrix Fitness, which can cost you around $2,500.

Despite being at home while you run, Horizon also gives you the option to experience virtual reality (VR) workouts where you can run various paths in the world while your treadmill adjusts and mimics the terrain wherever you are on a virtual scale. This way, you get to immerse in the Italian Alps, California Desert, French Riviera or even the Canadian Rockies, while you are at home, running.

Complete Training Program

Every model can provide you with at least 30 training programs built into the system. With other treadmills, you will have to pay for extra technologies to include these workouts in your equipment. These programs will be enough for you as an adequate fitness regimen to achieve your health objectives


The Horizon, Go Series treadmills are priced at $599 (T101), $799 (T202), and $999 (T303) depending on the outlet or online site from which you get them. Those prices are due to the simple and functional design incorporated into the product. The control console is not a digital touchscreen, and a simple LED panel of lights and displays are adequate for their purposes.

The Horizon Go Series treadmills come with a zero percent financing option to make your fitness program more affordable.

The Horizon Go Series treadmills also come with fantastic lifetime coverage on the motors and frame, then a three-year warranty (only for T303, one year for T101 and T202) on electronic parts and one-year coverage on labor.


Key features 9/10 stars

Specs 9/10

Warranties 9/10

Pricing 7/10 stars (higher than other similar equipment)

Ease of Use 9/10 stars


All the three Horizon Go Series treadmill models have one thing in common: value for money. The models are competitively priced considering their features and functions compared to similar models that can easily be 25% more expensive.

Mainly having functional designs and amenities, only the T303 model incorporates the previous models’ best features and improves upon them by adding the interval training program to the pre-existing ones.

All three models exhibit the modular features that allow them to be stored with ease despite some challenges reported by a few users. The best and popular feature of this series is the ultra-quiet motor that offers peaceful training and safe and low-cost operation.

Finally, the models all come with excellent warranty, which is undoubtedly at par, if not better, with those of the competitors.

We think highly of the Horizon Go Series treadmills and recommend them as an optimal choice for beginners and seasoned runners who are serious about their journey towards health and fitness.