Hulk Hogan Looking Jacked In Recent Post Shares 4 ‘Hulk Rules’

Hulk Hogan showed off his massive arms in a recent social media post.

Is Hulk Hogan the greatest superstar in WWE history? If not, he is pretty close to the top. Hogan began his wrestling career in 1977 and quickly became a sensation because of his ability to put on a show. Hogan also displayed incredible strength on many occasions. At 68 years old, Hulkamania is still running wild and Hogan recently shared some tips on how to live the lifestyle.

Hogan is active on social media and he is seen showing off his progress at times. Recently, Hogan shared four tips while hitting a double-bicep pose.

“Hulk’s Rules 1. Train 2. Eat your vitamins 3. Say your Prayers 4. Believe in yourself BROTHER👊”


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Hulk Hogan has been able to maintain his physique. He recently went through a weight loss where he dropped down to 275 pounds. This came after following a strenuous training program. It was rumored that Hogan was dealing with health issues but he never confirmed or denied the comments. One thing we do know is that a professional wrestler is bound to suffer some injuries and deal with lingering ones even in retirement.

Hogan’s tips are simple — train, eat, say your prayers, and believe in yourself. This is the way Hogan believes a person can better themselves and accomplish goals, whether it be in fitness or other avenues.

It is no surprise to see Hulk Hogan keeping up with his fitness at 68 years old. He remained active in professional wrestling for over two decades and held many championships during his time. Most notably, Hogan was a six-time WWE champion who became known for his 24-inch pythons. Now, the name Hulk Hogan might be featured on the big screen.

Chris Hemsworth has been preparing to play Hogan in a Netflix biopic. Filming was delayed due to the pandemic but there is still a plan for this to be completed. This is the reason that Hemsworth has been training hard and he received praise from Hogan himself.

“He’s already there! He’s ready BROTHER!!!,” Hogan tweeted in November.

Hulk Hogan is one of the most-know wrestlers of all-time. Even after his retirement, he has remained a big name and active on social media. As he continues to make improvements to his physique, fans will continue to idolize Hulk Hogan for all he has done for the brand.

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