This is no health spa. This is hardcore Metroflex Long Beach!

HUNT FOR HARDCORE – is a digital series with host Rich Gaspari as he searches across the country in hopes to find the most hardcore gym in America. Visiting multiple cities across the United States, Rich takes viewers inside the world of the grittiest and most intense training facilities. Period. New episodes air every Thursday!

There are gyms. And then there are hardcore gyms. Follow Rich Gapsari as he dives deep into Metroflex Long Beach. A gym that doesn’t look like a Planet Fitness or fancy spa but instead looks like a graffiti riddled garage full of the best and hardest training equipment known to man.

But hardcore isn’t just about looks, it’s about attitude. Rich meets up with owner Eddie¬†Avakoff to talk about the personality behind the grit that makes Metroflex Long Beach so special. Rich also connects with a few gym members to talk with them about why they choose Metroflex above all other gyms in the area.

To top it all off Rich does a quick workout session showcasing the kind of equipment you can expect to find when visiting Metroflex Long Beach. Is it hardcore enough for your bodybuilding needs? Find out in the first episode of Hunt For Hardcore above!

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