Rich Gaspari visits the iconic mecca of bodybuilding to see how it holds up today.

HUNT FOR HARDCORE – is a digital series with host Rich Gaspari as he searches across the country in hopes to find the most hardcore gym in America. Visiting multiple cities across the United States, Rich takes viewers inside the world of the grittiest and most intense training facilities. Period. New episodes air every Thursday!

Gold’s Gym is one of the most famous gyms in the world. That’s because it is considered to be the mecca of bodybuilding. This is due to the fact that the explosive golden era of the sport was essentially birthed in Gold’s Gym. With the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, and Franco Columbo all frequenting the spot. It became a place that all bodybuilders flocked towards to get inspired by these greats… and many became greats themselves. This perpetuated the icon status of the gym and etched its name into history.

But a lot has changed since the 60’s and 70’s and Gold’s Gym has gone through some changes – most notably that it became a corporate endeavor with more than one’s Gold’s Gym now existing across the US. But how much as the original gym changed? Does it still contain that golden era magic? Is it still one of the most hardcore gyms in the country?

Rich Gaspari heads back to Gold’s – a place he trained often in his prime – to see if it can still retain the hardcore aspect of its name. He also takes us on a historical journey of his experiences in the gym – and speaks with gym members about the new memories being created there today. Check it all out in this week’s episode of Hunt For Hardcore above!

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