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Bradley Martyn’s Zoo Culture gym gets put to the hardcore test by Rich Gaspari.

HUNT FOR HARDCORE – is a digital series with host Rich Gaspari as he searches across the country in hopes to find the most hardcore gym in America. Visiting multiple cities across the United States, Rich takes viewers inside the world of the grittiest and most intense training facilities. Period. New episodes air every Thursday!

Bradley Martyn is an internet bodybuilding phenomenon with millions of passionate followers – making him one of the more notable bodybuilders despite not having major titles like the Arnold Classic or the Mr. Olympia under his belt. That’s in large part because of his personality and the bodybuilding atmosphere he creates on his social media and in his videos.

It’s that same kind of atmosphere Bradley wanted to create for his new gym, Zoo Culture, located in Woodland Hills, California. But is this gym hardcore enough for the most intense of bodybuilders? Rich Gaspari visits the gym to give it the ultimate test – meeting up with the gym manager, testing out equipment, and interviewing members of the gym to find out if the atmosphere can really live up to the best hardcore gyms in the country.

Find out for yourself in this week’s episode of Hunt For Hardcore above!

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