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Rich Gaspari, Berry DeMey, and Juan Morel train together at the East Coast Mecca of bodybuilding.

HUNT FOR HARDCORE – is a digital series with host Rich Gaspari as he searches across the country in hopes to find the most hardcore gym in America. Visiting multiple cities across the United States, Rich takes viewers inside the world of the grittiest and most intense training facilities. Period. New episodes air every Thursday!

It’s no secret that the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym is considered the East Coast Mecca in bodybuilding. To some it even trumps Gold’s Gym as the mecca due to it staying truer to it’s hardcore heart and history. It also helps that IFBB Pro head judge Steve Weinberger owns the gym with Bev Francis – making it an iconic spot that most pro bodybuilders make a point to visit at least once or twice a year.

That kind of atmosphere and clientele make for one of the most hardcore bodybuilding gyms in the country. Having pro bodybuilders training next to you is the ultimate way to get you motivated.

So of course, Rich Gaspari had to make a visit to the East Coast Mecca with his guest co-host Berry DeMey – and catch a little of the contagious hardcore motivation that flows through the rooms of the gym. Special guest Juan Morel also joins in to give Rich a tour – showcasing his favorite old school hardcore equipment. You can check it all out on this week’s episode of Hunt For Hardcore above!

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