Iain Valliere And Brett Wilkin Share Crushing Leg Workout

Iain Valliere and Brett Wilkin got together for what was a massive leg workout.

If you are not a fan of leg day, you have to take a look at some of the workouts that Open bodybuilders put themselves through. Iain Valliere and Brett Wilkin recently joined coach Matt Jansen at Revive Gym in Stuart, FL for a crushing quad workout that is destined to build size.

Valliere is more proven in Men’s Open at the moment. Wilkin has transitioned from Men’s 212 by putting on the necessary size needed to compete. At 27 years old, Wilkin is one of the most-promising up-and-comers that has built a great following. This workout took place in Florida, where Wilkin plans to move in the near future.

Leg Extensions

Leg extensions began the workout. This is a good exercise to begin leg day because it can pump blood into the quads to prepare for the rest of the workout. Brett Wilkin and Iain Valliere worked up to the heaviest top set. they began completing 10-12 reps before resting 15 seconds then going until failure. After this, they rested 15 more seconds before another set to failure.

Inner Thigh Squeezes

Inner thigh squeezes are also important to do early to get a good stretch in the legs. Wilkin and Valliere did not spend much time on this machine but made sure to put in work. Just a few quick sets working adductors was needed before moving onto some bigger weight.

Leg Press

Brett Wilkin and Iain Valliere then moved onto the Cyber leg press machine. They stressed the importance of flexing your knees to get the best stretch possible in the quads. They added 10-11 plates on each side for 20 reps during the top set. After performing a few sets, the bodybuilders continued to the next workout.


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Hack Squats

The weight used performing hack squats is not as heavy as that of a regular squat or leg press. Iain Valliere and Brett Wilkin paused at the bottom of the rep to gain control before exploding up. This adds a new dynamic to hack squats rather than performing a continuous motion.

Bodyweight Walking Lunges

The final workout of the day was bodyweight walking lunges. This is an exercise that can build strength in the quads but is also used frequently as a stretch. The bodybuilders performed these lunes with bodyweight to finish the day.

Both Iain Valliere and Brett Wilkin have high hopes for the bodybuilding season in 2022. After looking at some of the work they have done in the gym, they will certainly be competition ready next time out.

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