Iconic Bodybuilding Champion and IFBB Hall of Famer, Ed Corney Has Passed Away

RIP Ed Corney.

Bodybuilding lost one the true all time greats of the sport as Ed Corney has passed away.

Famed for his role in Pumping Iron and considered to be one of the best bodybuilders in history, Ed Corney was a true icon in the bodybuilding and fitness world. According to his grandson Gabriel Johnson, Ed Corney suffered a brain aneurysm on Christmas Eve and held on for a week before eventually passing away on January 1, 2019.

Besides appearing in Pumping Iron, Ed Corney had garnered a great deal of fame through his Mr. America and Mr. Universe victories. He was also a Masters Olympia winner as well as an IFBB Hall of Fame recipient.

Ed Corney was truly a talented bodybuilder and a true legend of the sport. The world has lost another Golden Era standout and he will truly be missed. The GI Team sends condolences to Ed Corney’s family in this trying time.

In tribute to the greatness of Ed Corney, please watch the video below to get a small taste of how impressive this all time great bodybuilder really was.

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