IFBB Big Man Weekend Pro 2019 Results

Which bodybuilder stood tall as champion in Spain?

This weekend saw Spain’s IFBB Big Man Weekend Pro 2019 bodybuilding competition pitting Bikini and Men’s Open competitors against one another to see who will be champion. The results are finally in and you can check them out below – brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition.

Bodybuilding Men’s Open Results

1. Josh Lenartowicz
2. Akim Williams
3. James Hollingshead
4. Eddie Bracamontes
5. Rafael Brandao
6. Essa Obaid
7. Andrea Presti
8. Dani Kaganovich
9. Kenneth Jackson
10. Diego Nunes
11. Mahmoud Kafi
12. Erik Ramirez
13. Miha Zupan

Bikini Results

1. Beatriz Biscaia
2. Phoebe Hagan
3. Noora Mahonen
4. Adrianna Racmarek
5. Alessia Facchin
6. Casey Delong
7. Rocio Lopez Corchero
8. Katerina Chistova
9. Elsa Deoliveira Pena
10. Aurelia Bissoli


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