Which Men’s Physique bodybuilder stood tallest on the California stage?

Pro Men’s Physique bodybuilders clashed on stage this weekend at the IFBB California Night Of Champions. Over twenty competitors battled for the top spots and we now have the official results in from the competition. Who became the champion in California? Check out the full results below:

IFBB California Night Of Champions 2018 Men’s Physique Results

1. Kyron Holden
2. Diogo Ferreira Montenegro
3. Andre Smith
4. Anthony Woods
5. Long Wu
6. Richard Myles
7. Thomas Bakke
8. Ismael Martinez
9. Dujjuan Freeman
10. James Hurst
11. Isias Paez Martinez
12. Adam Akeem Joseph Thomas
13. Stan Morrison
14. Robert Arthur
15. Aundre Benson
16. Brandon Robichaux
16. Critelli Scatolini
16. Ej Nduka
16. Eren Legend
16. Jonny Bernstein
16. Joseph Guillory
16. Michael Stripling
16. THomas Riley
16. Willie Spencer


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