IFBB California Pro 2019 Results

Men’s Open bodybuilders battle in California for the prize.

This weekend held the IFBB California Pro 2019 featuring exclusively Men’s Open bodybuilder competitors fighting on stage to see who can be the king of Cali. The results are now in – check them out below! Brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

1. Patrick Moore
2. Tim Budesheim
3. Josh Wade
4. Eddie Bracamontes
5. An Nguyen
6. Camilo Diaz Garzon
7. Sergey Kulaev
8. Dorian Haywood
9. Jonni Shreve
10. Bola Ojex
11. Matt Kouba
12. Silvio Samuel
13. Quincy Winklaar
14. Jeno Kiss
15. Jon Andersen



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