IFBB Fitparade Grand Prix Hungary 2019 Results

Pro Men’s Open and Bikini fight for champion status in Hungary.

This weekend saw the IFBB Fitparade Grand Prix Hungary 2019 which brought some big star power onto the stage in the wake of the Olympia weekend in September. In the Men’s Open division we had Cedric McMillan, Maxx Charles, and Lukas Osladil all stepping onto the stage to battle it out.

It was particularly exciting to see Cedric McMillan after his relatively low placing at the Olympia 2019 – despite many putting their hopes for Cedric to place high (or even win) and change the future of which physiques would be rewarded by the IFBB pro judges in following years. Mass monster size won in the end with Brandon Curry – but that doesn’t count Cedric out of the fight in his bodybuilding career. How did his physique look these few weeks after the Olympia? And how did he place in Hungary? The official results are in which you can check out below.


Men’s Open Results

1. Cedric McMillan
2. Nathan De Asha
3. Lukas Osladil
4. Marek Olejnikjzak
5. Andre Muzi

Official score card below:

Fitparade Classic Hungary Pro Men's Open Score Card Generation IronBikini Results

1. Alessiaa Facchin
2. Evita Breide
3. Adrianna Kaczmarek
4. Patricia Frits
5. Cristobalina Pajares

Official score card below:

Fitparade Classic Hungary Pro Bikini Score Card Generation Iron

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