IFBB Indy Pro 2018 Results

A big victory for Steve Kuclo in Indianapolis.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Steve Kuclo on the bodybuilding stage – but he’s been in full swing ever since the Arnold Classic 2018 in Ohio. And while he still has room for improvement after a long break – he’s showing some true promise. This can’t be more true than in seeing the results of this weekends Indy Pro competition. Check out the full list of results and the score cards below:

IFBB Indy Pro 2018 Men’s Bodybuilding Results

  1. Steve Kuclo
  2. Charles Griffen
  3. Luke Sandoe
  4. Iain Valliere
  5. Justin Rodriguez
  6. Roman Fritz

IFBB Indy Pro 2018 Men’s 212 Results

  1. Charles Dixon
  2. Jacob Wilson
  3. Silvio Samuel
  4. Ahmed Elsadany
  5. Ahmad Ahmad
  6. Guy Cisternino

IFBB Indy Pro 2018 Bikini Results

  1. Natoshia Coleman
  2. Kacy Clark
  3. Ashley Jenelle
  4. Eva Victoria Saenz
  5. Ashley Nicastro
  6. Veranika Lazutsina

Check out the full score cards below: