These are some pretty insane biceps.

Many individuals never consider how hard it is to be an IFBB judge. It’s a thankless job as many people will often disagree with a judge’s decision. Fans believe that some of these judges have probably never even touched a weight in their lives. The truth of the matter is that some of the best judges in the world have had their own success in pro bodybuilding. It’s what makes their knowledge of judging so in depth and nuanced. One such judge is Leonard St Cyr an IFBB pro and personal trainer.

A bodybuilder prominent in the 1980s, Leonard St Cyr was a very talented competitor with a supremely powerful physique. Now that he’s an IFBB judge, St Cyr sees the game from a completely different side. He must decide on who has the best physique at a given show and have an implicit reason why. But that doesn’t mean he has left his own training behind. Leonard St Cyr possesses some of the most insane biceps in the game. To be more specific, his bicep separation is something to behold. Take a look below at how a IFBB judge and pro trains.

Well it’s #motivationmonday so it’s time for another motivational video clip .. Preacher curls target the biceps brachii (2 heads of the biceps), brachialis (located beneath the biceps muscle on the outside of the arm) and the brachioradialis (forearms). This exercise is also excellent for improving strength in your wrists and forearm. Why This Exercise is Important: There’s a reason why biceps are called “guns” and that’s because well-defined arms look like menacing weapons. It’s also the reason why most bodybuilders covet Schwarzenegger’s massive and shredded arms that catapulted him to stardom. Well developed arms are not only impressive, they also have been traditionally associated with masculinity. More awesome training clips will be posted shortly so stay tuned and have a great week …❤ @bpi_sports_uk @liftitworldwide #Bodybuilding #ifbb_official #toptags#gymtime#bodybuilding#style#fitfam#fitness#bpisports#bpigains#mentor#physique#determination#shredded#pictureoftheday#champion#inspiration#personaltrainer#lifestyle#wehavealenny #freakybiceps #dedicated#smile #awesome ????

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Does IFBB pro and judge Leonard St Cyr have the craziest bicep separation you’ve seen?

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