IFBB Portugal Pro 2021 Results

Complete results for the IFBB Portugal Pro 2021 that took place over the weekend.

There were more tickets punched for the 2021 Mr. Olympia over the weekend. The IFBB Portugal Pro 2021 took place from July 16-18 in Estoril, Portugal. Winners in all 10 divisions had a chance to receive an invitation to the biggest competition of the year.

Portugal saw no shortage of storylines over the weekend. The female presence was strong as over 100 women made the trip to compete in different categories such as Bikini, Wellness, Women’s Physique, and Figure. It was highlighted by Anastasia Lenova and Minna Pajulahti, who picked up victories in their competitions.

Wesley Vissers made a return to the stage after last competing in the 2020 Mr. Olympia, where he placed 11th. Vissers took home third place in the Classic Physique division, behind Jose Maria Mete Bueriberi and German Pastor.

If you had a chance to follow the Portugal Pro this weekend, you were given a treat. Below are the complete results from the IFBB Portugal Pro 2021.

Portugal Pro 2021: All Division Winners

A quick breakdown of the winners in each division from the New York Pro 2021. All winners are now automatically qualified to compete in the Olympia 2021.

  • Men’s Bodybuilding: Andrea Presti
  • Men’s 212 Bodybuilding: Lucas Coelho
  • Classic Physique: Jose Maria Mete Buerberi
  • Men’s Physique: Felipe Franco
  • Women’s Bodybuilding: Anastasia Leonova
  • Fitness: Minna Pajulahti
  • Figure: Rhea Gayle
  • Bikini: Kristina Brunauer
  • Women’s Physique: Dany Castillo
  • Wellness: Juliana Mota Esteso

Portugal Pro 2021 Breakdown

Men’s Bodybuilding Results

  • First Place – Andrea Presti
  • Second Place – Tim Budesheim
  • Third Place – William Martins
  • Fourth Place – Vlad Suhoruchko
  • Fifth Place – Theo Leguerrier
  • Sixth Place – Krystian Wolski
  • Seventh Place – Andrea Muzi
  • Eighth Place – Alfred Vlad Chiriac
  • Ninth Place – Khaled Alkazem
  • Tenth Place – Anton Shal

 Men’s 212 Results

  • First Place – Lucas Coelho
  • Second Place – Seve Benthin
  • Third Place – Fabricio Moreira
  • Fourth Place – Melnikov Andrei
  • Fifth Place – Nasser Sayed
  • Sixth Place – Ahmed Bat

 Classic Physique Results

  • First Place – Jose Maria Mete Bueriberi
  • Second Place – German Pastor
  • Third Place – Wesley Vissers
  • Fourth Place – Alex dos Anjos
  • Fifth Place – Fabian Mayr
  • Sixth Place – David Hoffmann

 Men’s Physique Results

  • First Place – Felipe Franco
  • Second Place – Youcef Djoudi
  • Third Place – Elton Mota
  • Fourth Place – Pedro Lima
  • Fifth Place – Luca Biolo
  • Sixth Place – Sanad Alsanad

 Women’s Bodybuilding Results

  • First Place – Anastasia Leonova
  • Second Place – Margita Zamolova
  • Third Place – Vera Mikulcova
  • Fourth Place – Vanesa Lloria
  • Fifth Place – Alena Hatvani
  • Sixth Place – Nidia Hermosilla

Fitness Results

  • First Place – Minna Pajulahti
  • Second Place – Kate Errington
  • Third Place – Corrine Bean

Figure Results

  • First Place – Rhea Gayle
  • Second Place – Lena Ramsteiner
  • Third Place – Jennifer Zienert
  • Fourth Place – Oyku Basare
  • Fifth Place – Bahar Ayra
  • Sixth Place – Olesya Kochura

Bikini Results

  • First Place – Kristina Brunauer
  • Second Place – Anastasia Gonzalez Andreu
  • Third Place – Cristiane Silveira
  • Fourth Place – Noora Mahonen
  • Fifth Place – Ottavia Mazza
  • Sixth Place – Alice Marchisio

Women’s Physique Results

  • First Place – Dany Castillo
  • Second Place – Elisama Manoel B. Zoretto
  • Third Place – Modesta Halby
  • Fourth Place – Laura Pintado Chinchilla
  • Fifth Place – Alcione C. da Silva dos Santos
  • Sixth Place – Isabel Martins Bajao

 Wellness Results

  • First Place – Juliana Mota Esteso
  • Second Place – Isamara dos Santos
  • Third Place – Anna Mroczkowska
  • Fourth Place – Charline Mas
  • Fifth Place – Lisa Christin Meiswinkel
  • Sixth Place – Rania Politis

Generation Iron wishes to congratulate Andrea Presti and all the great athletes who earned a win at the 2021 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro. Make sure to check out our full IFBB Pro results page from this year and previous years right here to catch up on any action you may have missed!

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