WATCH: IFBB Pro Nameun Cho Has Quads So Massive They Defy Humanity

Massive wheels!

Building the perfect form is no simple task. It requires a great deal of dedication and effort that not every bodybuilder possesses. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses in regards to building muscle even down to the genetic level. A bodybuilder can have great arms but disappointing legs, that’s what makes beasts like Phil Heath and Big Ramy so impressive since they are genetically gifted in most body parts.

But there are some bodybuilders that have such an incredibly gifted muscular development in a specific body part that it becomes the highlight of their physique. Nameun Cho is one of those bodybuilders.

An IFBB pro who is beginning to get a ton of recognition, Nameun Cho is a South Korean bodybuilder with some of the most impressive legs in the game. When you start getting comparisons to the great Tom Platz, a man known for his insane quad development, then you indeed have some crazy wheels on display.

A recent Instagram post showcases the Korean bodybuilder’s legs, particularly his insanely massive and vascular quads. Take a look!

Are you impressed by the wheels of Nameun Cho?

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