IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow 2019 Results

The biggest bodybuilding show in Canada has its new champions.

This weekend saw the Toronto Pro Supershow 2019 – which is not only the biggest bodybuilding show in Canada but one of the bigger competitions held by the IFBB. With a last minute surprise in the form of Nathan De Asha jumping into the Men’s Open lineup, it was one hell of a show. The results are in – check it out below.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

1. Jon Delarosa
2. Iain Valliere
3. Josh Wade
4. Joe Seeman
5. Quinton Eriya

Official scorecard below:

Men’s 212 Results

1. Adolphus Quoida
2. Mahmoud Al Durrah
3. Prince Boabang

Official scorecard below:

Men’s Physique Results

1. Julian Colley
2. Michael Mperey
3. Matt Acton

Official scorecard below:

Fitness Results

1. Jodi Boam
2. Tamara Vahn
3. Sara Kovach

Official scorecard below:

Bikini Results

1.  Etila Santiago
2. Jennifer Dorie
3. Jennifer Ronzitti

Official scorecard below:

Figure Results

1. Tarryn Garlington
2. Anna Banks
3. Sandra Grajales

Official scorecard below:


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