In Lieu of Slap KO Being Called Fake, Logan Paul Posts Venomous Response

Was the slap KO real or fake? Logan Paul addresses the claims head on.

It was the slap heard and seen round the world. In preparation for a Russian Slap Championship competition, Logan Paul had been putting in some serious training to get his slapping game to the next level. The preparation apparently appeared to work too well as Logan Paul knocked out his trainer during training. Since then, Logan Paul dropped out of the proposed competition.

Then the rumors began.

Many started to claim that the slap knockout was a fake, a performance put on to add legitimacy to Logan Paul’s abilities. The man who was supposedly knocked unconscious has even gone on record stating that the whole thing was fake.

Logan Paul is singing a different tune however and is none too pleased by the accusation that the KO was less than legit. As such, the internet personality took to his Twitter and released a pair of pretty venomous videos in response to the claims that he’s a fake.


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