Sangeeta Ahir believes India will lead the charge into a new era of bodybuilding.

As bodybuilding in India continues to rise, the question is no longer if we’ll see an Indian bodybuilding superstar – but when will we see it. As we slowly hit a new tide of top names at major bodybuilding competitions, it’s only a matter of time until a currently unknown Indian bodybuilder explodes onto the spotlight. And Indian Fitness Entrepreneur Sangeeta Ahir is confident that moment is coming soon.

Sangeeta Ahir is an established Bollywood producer, fitness enthusiast, philanthropist, and social entrepreneur – in addition to being a leading figure on Mumbai’s social circuit. An avid fitness enthusiast, Sangeeta believes in the importance of a healthy routine to a balanced lifestyle. She has positioned herself to enter the business side of fitness with her lifestyle and supplement brands ENERGIA and NEED – which will be the main sponsors for Sheru Classic Latin America – which is biggest pro show of South America. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Sangeeta Ahir discusses with Generation Iron the future of bodybuilding in India and its impact on the world.

Sangeeta’s relationship with the Sheru Classic is only growing – and she believes it’s simply the beginning of a new era for bodybuilding across the world. As the Sheru Classic events continue to grow in popularity and scope, Indian bodybuilders will soon become heavy hitters on the world stage of bodybuilding.

Sangeeta Ahir and Sheru AangrishMuch like how Kuwait and the Oxygen Gym scene rocked the core of bodybuilding this past decade, India is set to become a country that will soon produce bodybuilders that push the limits and change the way we look at physiques.

Sangeeta is confident this will happen and her involvement shows huge promise for large growth in the Indian bodybuilding industry. Large enough to further break through borders and become a global phenomenon.

How exactly will this all unfold? Watch our latest GI Exclusive interview with Sangeeta Ahir above and find out!



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