Iron Biby Sets Log Lift World Record Of 229kg

Iron Biby has reached a world record that has stood for years now.

Chieck Sanou, better known as Iron Biby, has been a force in the log lift for years now. He has been after the world record of 228kg but has not been able to take that step — until this weekend. On Sept. 18 at the Giants Live World Tour Finals, Iron Biby set a new world record with a 229kg lift.

Iron Biby stepped up in front of an energetic crowd in Glasgow, Scotland and performed a lift that has never been done before. He broke the previous world record of 228kg that was set by Zydrunas Savickas back in 2015.

You can find the full video of Sanou’s lift on the Instagram page of fellow strongman Eddie Hall. Make sure to watch the celebration at the end.

Iron Biby even pulled out a cartwheel at the end to celebrate with the roaring crowd. It makes sense when a record of six years falls.

Savickas has dominated the log lift for years now. He has many of the top lifts and he say comfortably at the top for years now. This is a mark that Iron Biby had been training to reach. He has made regular lifts within reach of the 228kg mark and even hit the number in a training session back in 2019.


The log lift is a movement that has been on a quick rise over the years. The weight has gotten significantly higher for lifters compared to a decade ago. Iron Biby is a reason for this and there is a chance that he holds this record for quite some time. Barring a comeback from Savickas in hopes of regaining his world record, Sanou could be at the top for awhile and even continue to build on his own record.

It is unknown if Savickas will do this but what we do know is that Iron Biby is the new king. In the video, he showed great control and strength that comes from years of training. It would not be surprising to see Sanou continue to improve and set a higher mark moving forward.

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Greg Patuto
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