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The stigma of steroids in bodybuilding vs other sports.

Every week, Iron Cinema will connect you with Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin. Giving you unprecedented inside access to the creative process behind his the Generation Iron Fitness Network. Get a first hand look at the entire journey of taking Vlad’s creative ideas to the big screen – from stories on set of films like Generation Iron and CT Fletcher all the way to exclusive behind-the-scene looks at our newest GI news and films. This week Vlad sits down with fellow director Chris Bell to talk about how his documentary ‘Bigger, Stronger, Faster*’ brought blowback to him in the bodybuilding industry… and why the stigma hits harder in bodybuilding than other sports.

In many ways, Bigger, Stronger, Faster* plays like a companion piece to Generation Iron. While our film didn’t focus on the steroids in a deep investigative way – it was touched upon and can’t be denied as a large unspoken part of the bodybuilding industry. That’s where Chris Bell and Bigger, Stronger, Faster* comes in – it digs deeper into steroid culture and how it effects the sports industry as a whole… including bodybuilding.

As controversial topics such as GH guts and “bodybuilders being too big” have raised more than ever this past year… I felt it was time to call up director Chris Bell to talk about life post Bigger, Stronger, Faster* and how, if at all, the bodybuilding world has changed since. We also touch upon his new upcoming film, Prescription Thugs, that dives deep once again into drug culture… only this time making pain killers and perscription medicine his main target.

To get a fresh view on the long discussed steroid debate – watch our latest interview above.

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