Generation Iron Vs CT Fletcher

Will My Magnificent Obsession be the next Generation Iron?

Every week, Iron Cinema will connect you with Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin. Giving you unprecedented inside access to the creative process behind his upcoming film, CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession. Get a first hand look at the entire journey of CT Fletcher to the big screen – from stories on set of films like Generation Iron and CT Fletcher all the way to exclusive behind-the-scene looks at our newest documentary. This week Vlad opens up about the origins of creating a feature film revolved around CT Fletcher’s life story… and if it will top Generation Iron.

When I completed Generation Iron, I felt that it was going to be special. I just had a feeling.  It was a very tough project to complete and at times it was difficult to work with the bodybuilders as they were training for the Olympia. But as we got through it and the cut of the film was shaping up – I knew it was worth it.

As the film was getting released, I started getting a lot of emails and calls and people were asking me: “Why isn’t CT Fletcher in Generation Iron?” I’ll be honest, at the time I had no idea who that was. I definitely knew that he wasn’t a professional bodybuilder…  So I checked him out online and saw some of his training videos.  I found out that he was a former bodybuilder and a powerlifter.  At first I didn’t really understand what was the point of his method of training, but then I got intrigued.  I was also surprised at how many people were following him and I didn’t yet understand why.  As I started watching more of his videos and seeing the reactions of people, a bigger picture started forming.  I started looking beyond his work out videos and paying attention to his story and message.


When the GI network was launched, CT made a appearance on one of our shows and we got to actually know him.  And then I got to talk to him.  It was a long conversation in which he told me about his upbringing, his near death experience, and the message that he is trying to bring to the world.  His stories were so interesting and his life was so complex that I right away started seeing visuals in my head, and that’s how the idea for MY MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION was born.

After Generation Iron, I had no desire to make another film about bodybuilding or a fitness figure in general.  But there is something very special about CT.  You can feel emotion while listening to him.  You can feel his pain.  You can relate to his struggle.  And if you pay attention, you can find inspiration.  That is rare to find in a character. I know some of you might not have an interest in powerlifting or CT Fletcher – but I can promise you that there will be something to behold in his story for everyone. There’s a real drama to his story, a deep and powerful feeling that existed in Generation Iron and will be present in MY MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION. This isn’t just #ISYMFS – it’s the real story of a man.

But still – as we are now working on CT’s movie, the biggest question you probably have is: “how will it compare to Generation Iron?”  Will it be better?  I think so. I have a similar feeling now as I did right before we completed the GI film…  I don’t want to reveal why it will be better yet but I can’t wait for the people to decide.

– Vlad Yudin

If you haven’t seen it yet – make sure to check out the FIRST LOOK at Vlad Yudin’s new documentary, CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession:

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