Brandon Curry was promised to be top 5 in the world if he trains in Kuwait.

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Brandon Curry is a name that has been awhile for quite some time now – but only recently has he been getting even extra attention. Most of that is due to his incredible progress in regards to his massive size and physique – and also winning the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia. What is also known – is that Brandon Curry’s insane transformation kickstarted after he moved to train in Kuwait with Bader and the Camel Crew.

During our filming over in Kuwait for GI 2, I had a chance to sit down and talk with Brandon Curry at length. As is always the case – only a small portion of that made it into the final film. Now you can see him talk deeper about how he became a bodybuilder (it was because of Ronnie Coleman… but not in the way you think) and also how Bader promised him he would become a top 5 bodybuilder in the world if he trained in Kuwait. Check it out in my latest interview with Brandon Curry above.

– Vlad Yudin



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