Is Bostin Loyd Dissing Regan Grimes For Going To Classic Physique?

Oh boy, here we go…

So recently Regan Grimes sent some shockwaves through the bodybuilding community as he made two pretty major announcements. Not only did he leave Oxygen Gym in Kuwait, but he also announced that he was switching divisions. Currently competing in the Open Weight division, Regan Grimes has made the decision to switch things up and make a switch to the “weekend warrior” division, Classic Physique. While some are praising the decision to move, there are individuals that are a bit perturbed about the situation.
Bostin Loyd. These days that seems like a loaded name. The man has built a career on telling his truth and while it may not be to everyone’s liking, you at least know you’re getting the unbridled truth. Some individuals look to give a politically correct answer to things they disagree with. Not Bostin Loyd. He doesn’t like to dress things up and ignore things that he disagrees with. Instead, Loyd gives his own unabashed opinion, to hell with the consequences.
This time Bostin Loyd is taking issue with bodybuilders who choose to leave Open Weight behind in favor of the Classic Physique division. But it’s not simply the fact that they’re making a change, but their reasoning for doing so.

With Regan Grimes just announcing his decision to change divisions, it seems like some pretty interesting timing for Bostin Loyd to air his opinions. At this point we can only speculate as to why Loyd chose now to air his opinion. But from the way it looks, it seems fairly clear who he’s talking about here.
Do you have issue with Bostin Loyd’s opinion? Do you think Regan Grimes switched due to health concerns?
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  1. Who cares why someone changes divisions. It’s competition and if you have an advantage in one class or the other then moving to a place you increase your chance to win is the SMART move.

  2. Who’s Boston Loyd again? That’s like lui Marco giving William Bonac shit and then being a complete cunt about it by saying William broke the law because In that country you can’t even threaten another person. Why do you think these IFBB PRO’s care these morons are only
    Famous because you guys post about them. How about sticking up for your pros

  3. Lets address the elephant in the room, regan grimes is a big pussy, the hardcore training twice a day 8 meals per day and the hardcore juicing with the camel crew was too much for him, he saw what was required to be an open bodybuilder and realised that he doesn’t have what it takes, I am willing to bet anybody that he wont do great in classic physique because a weak mind is still a weak mind no matter what you do, and he wont be able to do handle the hard diet and suffering to get into classic physique shape.

    • There is also this thing called DNA it dictates a lot of what your body can do and where it looks best. I actually don’t like the classic division because height should not be a factor in what you can weigh. I got my card 30 years ago as a light heavyweight and for my height I’d be to heavy for the classic division, which is stupid.

    • Christian Barrs this tells me that you dont know much about bodybuilding there is this misconception that if you are in classic physique you dont need as much drugs this is not true, to be a open bodybuilder you need to be bigger that means you need more time, if you won your pro card at 235 pounds you could need another 15 pounds of lean muscle to be competitive, so you should give yourself a few years to put on that muscle slowly, the problem is some bodybuilders dont want to wait they want it now so they increase the drugs trying to put on that muscle fast that is the health risk, the guy who dont want to wait.

    • Matt Regan no insults just keeping it real, a person is called a pussy when they dont have the mindset to do what is necessary to achieve their goals,he was handed all the tools necessary to be the best in the world all he had to do was show up and he ran away, its hard to respect a person like that.

    • What a clown 🤡, classic physique is still bodybuilding, they still train hard and are in much better condition, only thing open guys do more of is drugs and food, you can keep that shit

    • Val Boulineau you dont know shit about bodybuilder, genetics determines how big you get, classic and open guys take similar amount of drugs, akim williams does not eat that much food but he walks around close to 300 pounds, dexter has to stuff himself with food to keep size,regan is not a classic bodybuilder he gains size very easily he is completing on stage at over 240 pounds in his early 20s and he wasn’t taking a lot of drugs, so he is going to have to starve himself and lose muscle to get down to classic physique, it was not made for him he is just doing a pussy move.

  4. Whether you like him or not the dude tells the truth. Doesn’t sugar coat shit. Grimes obviously doesn’t have what it takes to grind day in and day out. He already has the size to be competitive and his career barely started. To quit now is ridiculous. 300lbs down to what 230? What a waste of time and effort. He’ll get smoked by these so called weekend warriors.

    • Read JASON HUH latest Insta post in which Bostin Lloyd also pipes up on that too. There is much more to life than being 300lbs and dying before you’re 30. I’m sure Dallas would do things differently if he had his chance again and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ramy wasn’t far behind. And for what. 200k followers on Instagram and a sponsor that sends you some free protein every month. If you destroy your body for that there’s something wrong with you.

  5. The trouble with bodybuilding now is that everyone has a fucking opinion on everyone else. Whatever happened tonthr brotherhood where in the gym you leave it all at the door. To many egos and Bostin Lloyd is just a stain on the bodybuilding community. He is the epitome of why the general public will not accept this sport as they see all BBers as juiced up meathead pricks with no brain and too many opinions. If he spent the same amount of time he spends slagging off other athletes as he did on his own career, He might possibly make more of his life than just as an internet troll.

  6. Love these comments about Regan, that he can’t take it. When they have no idea why he came back, could’ve missed his family or plain didn’t like it over there. Gotta love people judging another guys life!!


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