Is This The Best App To Bring Your Training To The Next Level?

Tracking your progress has never been this easy.

Bodybuilding and strength training is as simple as it is difficult. What does that mean exactly? Well, the concepts behind building muscle aren’t necessarily overly complicated by any means. If you want to build up your legs then perform squats. Want better arms? Try some bicep curls and triceps extensions. The Internet is rife with outlets for finding the best kind of exercises for any muscle group. Whilst this is simple, if you really want to get anywhere you must track your progress. Tracking your progress in both size and strength can be far more difficult.


Tracking your progress is essential to making the best muscle and strength gains possible. In order to hit hypertrophy every time and be sure you’re gaining strength you’re going to have to jot down every bit of progress throughout your lifting journey. Sure, you could write the information down in your notes on your phone or a piece of paper, but it won’t help you quantify all the vital information you need and can be very time consuming. Besides, if you don’t have a well-built system in place then tracking your improvement can become a bit of jumbled mess in the long run.

LogMyLift takes all that head splitting calculation out of the equation.

An app that allows you to track your lifts and create programs suited specifically to your needs, LogMyLift is an awesome tool for any lifter. Whether you’re a powerlifter or a bodybuilder, LogMyLift will provide you with the essentials to help you track every bit of your lifting journey. You can enter your own exercises to create a personalized workout routine or full weekly program, and see how you are balancing the work on each muscle. If you’re at a loss as to what exercises you want to perform or if you simply want to freshen things up with different training methods, LogMyLift has pre programmed exercises that will help bolster your routine.

screen696x696 1The app also allows you to instantly track your personal best lifts giving you a quantifiable goal to beat with every workout. LogMyLift knows which muscles are worked with each exercise, so can easily provide info graphics with your progress of one rep max, weight lifted, and volume – the key parameters for strength and bodybuilding. All features are covered by tutorials, which are easy to understand so operating the app is as simple as one, two, three. And if you’re ever worried about losing the specifics of a golden training routine, the app backs up all your information on the Internet so nothing is lost.

Inexpensive and easy to use, LogMyLift is a great tool for any lifter looking to improve. Whether you’re an amateur just getting started or an avid lifter with years of experience, LogMyLift is certainly going to be beneficial to your needs. The app is compatible with the iPhone and iPad, meaning that whether you’re at the gym or working out at home, you can log on any device.

Give LogMyLift a try and you won’t be disappointed. It’s available to download for free on the AppStore here.

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