Jacked and Ripped Ahead of Tampa Pro, Dexter Jackson Makes 50 Look Like 25

Dexter Jackson is turning back the clock!

At this point there’s no denying that former Mr. Olympia champion Dexter Jackson is a bonafide all-time great. Always in top condition ahead of any show, Dexter Jackson has proven himself to be a professional whose always ready to dominate on stage.

Ahead of the 2019 Olympia, Dexter Jackson has yet to rack up the points to step on stage. He’s hoping to rectify that by winning the upcoming Tampa Pro and punching his ticket to the big show.

While 50 may be on the horizon for the veteran bodybuilder, Dexter Jackson is still coming in some incredible shape. In truth, Dexter Jackson is looking closer to 25 than 50!

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Jacob Ladon
Jacob Ladon is a staff writer and former amateur bodybuilder. He has been passionate about bodybuilding since he was 15 years old and discovered the joys of training in the gym. He reports and comments on all bodybuilding related matters.