It’s Jackie Chan vs Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Trailer for THE IRON MASK

It looks like two action cinema legends are finally sharing the big screen.

For bodybuilding fans there’s no question that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of if not the most influential figure in the competitive sport’s history. He has shattered the image of the average muscle bound bodybuilder to rise to superstardom in many a Hollywood action film, his most iconic role of course being the T-800 Terminator from the franchise of the same name.

Now it seems Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking to take his acting chops to a new market as he stars in a new film alongside veteran Chinese cinema actor Jackie Chan.

The two are set to star opposite each other in the upcoming Russian-Chinese produced film THE IRON MASK which will see Jackie Chan face off against a villainous Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check out the trailer below to see a bit of the action first hand.

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