Jake Paul Calls Out Dana White And Sends Offer To Fight Jorge Masvidal

Jake Paul is at it again attempting to plan his next fight.

Not long after Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley by decision, the YouTube star turned boxer is planning his next fight — and he called out UFC president Dana White to send him an offer.

Paul does not have his sights set on Anderson Silva, instead he wants to make a fight with Jorge Masvidal happen next. Paul is a huge social media presence and took to Twitter to send out the initial request.

Jake Paul moved to 4-0 with his victory over Woodley. Other wins include the likes of NBA player Nate Robinson and UFC fighter Ben Askren. It seems as though Paul is interested in taking his competition up a notch and even gave White a little wager to think over.

“If we win, you let any of your fighters fight me going forward. If we lose, I leave you and your exploitive business alone. Dana … Dana … Dana…?”

This is not the first time Paul has called out someone from the UFC and it is likely not the last — especially if White does not respond. Paul has openly criticized the boxing ability of MMA fighters and wants to expose them on the biggest stage.


Jake Paul was not only vocal on Twitter, he posted a video on his Most Valuable Promotions Instagram page with another message.

Paul offered another fight between Amanda Serrano and Amanda Nunes as well. Serrano was part of the main card when Paul took on Woodley. She defeated Yamileth Mercado by unanimous decision. Now, Paul is suggesting that she take on Nunes, who has a history with him. Nunes jokingly offered to fight Paul when he was trying to book a bout with Conor McGregor.

Jake Paul has not booked his next fight just yet but he is certainly aggressive in attempts. He has even mentioned that he could be back in the ring before the end of 2021. We will have to wait and see if White approves his request. It seems unlikely, especially after White offered Silva, but we have seen that anything is possible.

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Greg Patuto
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