Iron Cinema: Jay Cutler isn’t necessarily a fan of today’s mass monster size.

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Jay Cutler is a 4x Mr. Olympia champion and the person who eventually dethroned the legendary 8x Mr. Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman. In order to do that Jay needed to go toe-to-toe with Ronnie Coleman in all aspects of physique… including size. But what I found interesting while interviewing Jay is that he actually doesn’t prefer that modern mass monster look. He didn’t have a specific goal in mind for size – instead he just wanted to do whatever it took to defeat Ronnie Coleman.

Jay Cutler said so many interesting things in the course of filming Generation Iron 2 that there was no way it could all make it in. But now you can finally learn more about Jay Cutler’s current viewpoint on bodybuilding (including his updated opinion about Kai Greene’s recent endeavors) in this new extended GI 2 interview for Iron Cinema. Check it out above.



  1. every new Mr. Olympia sets a standard and are bigger than the last one. from Lee haney-dorian-ronnie-jay. each perhaps wants to be bigger than the champ and the champ would push himself to be bigger. the judges get blown away by the mass monsters that they forget about the beauty of the physique. it is up to the judges

  2. Jay Cutler’s full of shit, NO BODYBUILDER starts lifting to “Not Be Big”….. If he just wanted to “WIN” then why didn’t he take a different sport to bodybuilding and just work at excelling in that one instead…..

  3. Jay Cutler doesn’t ONCE say in that interview “I didn’t want to be big”, HE SAYS people would ask him “Why do you want to be that big” and he’d reply “I wanted to be that big to be competitive”, he wanted to beat Ronnie Coleman and being that big was part of the process of “Beating Ronnie Coleman”, so STOP spreading this bullshit & lies of claiming that Jay Cutler says “I didn’t want to be big” because HE DOESN’T SAY THAT AT ALL……..