Jean-Pierre Fux Shares Knee Replacement Surgery Update

Olympia legend Jean-Pierre Fux has had to have his knee replaced, but it’s not all bad news — the surgery was a success and he’s now recovering comfortably at home.

Four-time Olympia competitor and personal trainer Jean-Pierre Fux has shared his love of fitness with fans through personal training routines, diet advice, online coaching, and contest prep. Now, he’s giving back to fans in a whole new way: by sharing his journey through corrective surgery and posting the incredible results. Many bodybuilders will face physical injury during their competitive lifetime and the constant wear-and-tear on the muscles and bones almost always leads to problems down the road. However, medical science has come so far, these days the stories almost always have a happy ending. Take a look at the positive update Jean-Pierre Fux shared with fans just last week below.

“Neubi (Neufit) and BFR [blood flow restriction] training will play a big part on my road back. Stay tuned to find out more,” Fux captioned the post. Ever the fitness coach, he continued to share advice and tips on his recovery with fans even while going through a potentially traumatic surgery.

The difference between the before and after X-rays in the pictures could not be more different. He also appears to be comfortably standing in the after pic, which is something many of those with knee and other joint issues are not able to do. The surgery was clearly a great success and, the truth is, as time passes the outcomes of joint replacement surgeries like these become more and more successful. Even just ten years ago, joints were seen as a difficult type of injury to treat and caused a lot of pain to those who damaged them. People with injuries to the knee or shoulder rarely saw a return to the sport. Obviously, Fux isn’t going to be returning to the Olympia stage any time soon at his age or conditioning, but he’s certainly been restored to fighting shape and can spend all the time he wants at the gym!

It’ll be a long road to recovery with a lot of physical therapy, which Fux touched on briefly in the post. Blood flow restriction training has been scientifically proven to help rebuild atrophied muscle, which is a common problem for those who undergo surgery. By restricting blood flow to the affected areas, the body works twice as hard to deliver oxygen and the heart pumps much faster, which ultimately results in stronger growth. It’s a tip that’s useful for any athlete looking to focus in on one specific area and build growth there, though obviously it’s essential for those recovering from a serious injury.

Here’s hoping Jean-Pierre Fux will be able to make a full and speedy recovery soon! In no time he’ll be back to coaching and training the many bodybuilders who look up to him and his legacy in the sport.

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram.

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